The Bakery Accelerate Programme

The accelerate programme

Accelerate your growth. We uncover large industry challenges ready for high performing startups to tackle.

Too many startups struggle to find a big enough market and revenue to become a successful business.

Our Accelerate Programme grants you exclusive access to corporates and the toughest business problems they face today, willing to invest in you.

If you’re a startup with a brilliant product looking for seed funding to accelerate and de-risk your growth by partnering with a large corporate, we want to meet you.

Why choose Accelerate?

Growing a successful business is hard. We've got the expertise and resources to make you more likely to succeed.

  • We’ve found real corporate pain points that businesses are ready to commit money to solve, right now
  • Accelerate gives early-stage startups a better chance to succeed by de-risking and accelerating the process of product market fit
  • The Bakery has a track record of partnering and scaling innovations within global corporates, by uncovering validated business problems and unlocking the right resources to address them – be it datasets, budget, or stakeholder buy in
  • Accelerate gives you the opportunity to be invested in and build a close partnership with a market leader, paving the way for commercial success
  • Accelerate gives you unrivalled access to corporate domain expertise and helps you de-risk your growth by giving you feedback and product validation along the way
  • Our curriculum and perks will equip you with all the right skills to grow a sustainable business

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