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Join a bunch of awesome founders, researchers and strategists


Working at The Bakery is a unique opportunity to learn from the best entrepreneurs and investors, to take on their mindset, attitudes and beliefs and apply them to the world’s biggest corporates – making real stuff happen. 

The opportunity here is as big as your ambition. It’s about the art of the possible in an exponential world. Our model is the future. If you’ve been working in a traditional agency, consultancy or corporate we will change the way you think.

We want to hire the best, smartest, most diverse, curious and ambitious minds who are excited to come on this journey with us and work in an environment of constant learning and continuous improvement to really make stuff happen.

We don't have any available roles at the moment

Our values

Believe in

We believe there’s a solution to every problem, and think creatively to find it. We believe that great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. And we are relentlessly optimistic, bringing fun and positivity to everything we do.

Be real

We don’t look, work or think like a corporate or consultant, and do things in our own, inimitable way. We challenge and inspire others to think differently. We’re honest, direct and aren’t afraid to tell it how it is.

Keep making
things better

We link brains - ours and others’, to create meaningful connections that present big opportunities. We use our experience, curiosity and knowledge to understand problems in ways that others can’t. We know what commercial success looks like and we deliver against it. And we take people on the journey with us, to create lasting impact.

Get it done

We don’t waste our, or other people’s, time. We’re focused on getting to outcomes, fast. And we persist until things are finished.

We’d love to hear from you!

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