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Our unique innovation programmes enable corporates to innovate at speed. Powered by entrepreneurs and start-ups, we uncover new opportunities and solve the world’s biggest challenges.


What makes us different? Well, one reason is we’ve developed multiple approaches to address different types of corporate innovation, each driving specific outcomes and returns.

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The partner programme

The Partner programme solves key business challenges by colliding you with the best existing solutions coming out of the start-up ecosystems from around the world.

The corporate benefit

This approach is great for getting started in innovation, engaging with the start-up ecosystem and driving real returns, getting buy-in across the company and driving an innovation culture.

The start-up benefit

This programme shortens the sales cycle with global corporates, uncovers new market opportunities and revenue streams, expedites the development of new products and services and gets you access to data sets, insight and expert knowledge.

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The Accelerate programme

Accelerate enables corporates to work with early stage technology companies, to rapidly develop new products and services, as well as building a portfolio of investments and grow asset value.

The corporate benefit

This approach is great for working with early stage technology companies, with highly talented teams who can solve their biggest challenges and rapidly develop and take to market new products and services. It also enables a corporate to start  building a portfolio of investments to grow asset value.

The start-up benefit

This enables start-ups to find large, validated commercial market opportunities to build new products and services for receiving revenue and investment to grow their business.

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The Start programme

Start is the newest offering from The Bakery, a program that enables the world’s best technical and entrepreneurial talent to create companies from the ground up.

The Corporate benefit

This approach is great for engaging with exceptionally talented entrepreneurs and stimulating intrapreneurs within your business to identify long-term disruption opportunities within your business and build investment potential.

The Entrepreneur benefit

The Start programme gives Entrepreneurs access to validated market opportunities, helps find a co-founder, provides early stage funding, as well as mentoring and support to help you create and grow a successful business.

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The Edge programme

The Bakery Edge is a unique multi-year programme designed to unlock the power within corporates, using insight, data, assets and capital to start and scale new ventures.

Tailored directly for your needs, The Edge combines all of The Bakery’s methodologies, processes and networks, enabling corporates to start and scale new ventures, delivering innovation across the entire business, and building an investment portfolio allowing you to drive disruption before it happens to you.

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Always-on investment radar

The Always-on Investment Radar is for Corporates who are looking for strategically aligned later stage investment opportunities.

The Corporate benefit

For Corporates, making strategically aligned investments in growing start-ups is a great opportunity to make de-risked investments and grow asset value.

The Start-up benefit

For Start-ups, gaining a strategically aligned corporate investor who can add value and unlock new commercial opportunities can be transformational.

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