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Make Lots of Small Bets

Here at The Bakery we work with large organisations, helping them to manage their risk by spreading their bets; which includes testing out multiple solutions, scaling the winners, and doubling down on the ones that work. Nobody really knows what is going to succeed, but by making lots of small bets you can spread your risk across lots of potential outcomes in the innovation sphere and improve your chances of succeeding. 

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Oi, from Brazil!

Tom & Andrew were recently in Brazil, where they visited our São Paulo Office and spoke with Felipe Novaes, Managing Director LATAM for The Bakery; Hector Aguilera, a former client of The Bakery when he was working in the steel industry, and now Co-Founder of Croma Beer; and Anna Barreto, founder of co-working space Espaço Plexi in Vila Madalena.

Software is Eating the World

Software is eating the world, there is no denying it. It transformed the music industry, retail, transportation, film, etc. and with the rise of AI and machine learning more and more industries are at risk of being disrupted. In this episode Tom & Andrew are speaking with Claire Dardignac who is a programme director at The Bakery and working with the largest sports entertainment & betting industry in the world. With changing betting laws and reduced stigma, this industry is ripe for disruption.

Fast vs. Slow with Deloitte Ventures

We’re speaking to both a series B startup, and a corporate, to learn how these different types of organizations can work together to better understand core challenges and building solutions that address them.

Starting with the Problem, adaptability, fast vs. slow rather than large vs. small, and mindset to work together are the key ideas being addressed in this episode as we hear from Amy Collins of Signal, a series B, AI based company that offers communications and PR solutions. Along with Scott Campbell of Deloitte Ventures, working on product, partnerships, and platforms with larger corporates.

Start with the Problem

How do you start innovating and who should be doing it? Is there a process for uncovering a corporates core challenges? 10 years ago Tom and Andrew met and eventually went on to create The Bakery, and with it, a process for corporates to answer these key questions.

In this episode Tom & Andrew introduce The Bakery, our core beliefs, trends in corporate innovation, and how to mitigate risk.

Make Innovation Happen Teaser

The Bakery is bringing you #MakingInnovationHappen, a podcast that speaks to the innovator, corporate, entrepreneur, startup, and VC alike. Over the last 7 years we’ve been collecting invaluable knowledge and experience in innovation and we figured it’s high time we started talking about it!

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