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The Bakery Presents: Why and How Corporates Should Build Start-ups

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The Bakery are firm believers in the success of corporate-startup partnerships. Through our programmes, we’ve seen time and time again the ability to solve corporate innovation problems and scale technology solutions quickly and efficiently. It goes without saying that partnering should be a part of your organisation’s innovation strategy.

But what next? If you’re already partnering with startups, you may want to consider the next stage of your innovation journey. Earlier this year we wrote about why corporates should build their own start ups (you can read more about it here) however, having seen how 2020 has unfolded it is undeniable that the world is changing faster than ever. Given this, we believe that building corporate startups will become crucial to every organisation’s growth strategy. 

So if you’ve ever wondered how you could venture into a market that didn’t previously exist for your organisation, or wanted to experiment with a new offering, or are simply wondering what is a corporate start up and how to begin, then we have some answers for you. 

On September 16th, The Bakery team will be hosting a live webinar on Why and How Corporates Should Build Startups.

We will be exploring how corporations can successfully harness the methodologies of start-ups and entrepreneurs to quickly launch new ventures from inside their organisation. 

If this sounds good to you then please sign up here as attendance will be limited. We hope to see you (through our screens) soon!

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