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At The Bakery we believe in applying the right approach for the specific challenge or time horizon you are working on.


What makes us different? A single-minded focus on making your corporate innovation happen. Our model isn’t dependent on equity, location or theatre – it’s all about the outcome.


To achieve this, we’ve developed multiple programmes to address different types of corporate innovation, each driving specific outcomes and returns.


Solve incremental or short-term challenges rapidly by partnering with startups with pre-existing solutions.


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Create transformational innovation and unlock new markets by building solutions like a startup.


Find and invest in the startups that are already disrupting your market.

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Partnering with startups is a great way to solve key business challenges. We have two different approaches that collide you with the best existing solutions from around the world.

The Partner Programme

Identify and solve your biggest challenges. The Partner Programme enables you to explore the art of the possible before testing the best existing solutions to your problems from the global startup ecosystem, then implementing and scaling the winners.

Are you trying to solve challenges faster with better return on investment? Request more info.

The Bakery Labs

Combine forces with like-minded corporates and collaborate on common challenges. By pooling resources, sharing learnings and working together you can achieve a bigger impact on your short-term goals with lower individual costs.

The Bakery Sustainability Lab currently live

If you are working towards ambitious goals in areas such as recycling, packaging reduction, changing consumer behaviour, social or financial sustainability, logistics, etc.? Request more info.


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Build new ventures using startup methodologies to rapidly create transformational innovation and explore new markets at low risk.


Identify strategic growth opportunities not previously available to you by targeting and unlocking whitespace outside or adjacent to your current market. Through the Startup-As-A-Service programme enables you to create a new startup from scratch and leverage a best in class growth team to conduct rapid tests and quantify product/market fit.

Do you want to launch and grow a startup, owned by you, to rapidly unlock new opportunities? Click here.

The Start Programme

Source and recruit the best entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talent to build disruptive propositions around undefined whitespace and areas of interest in your industry. The Start Programme enables you to leverage the power of the brightest entrepreneurs to create multiple new solutions in your identified spaces, and ultimately invest in and launch the winners.

Want to uncover new opportunities in your industry and create disruptive change? Click here.


Want to invest in existing companies that are already successfully disrupting your sector? The Bakery Buy Programmes help you identify and accelerate the very best.

Always-On Radar

Understand the whitespace relevant to your investment portfolio and unlock new strategic opportunities by uncovering investable businesses that meet your specific requirements. Our always-on Radar Programme takes the pressure off you as we conduct continuous scouting of investment targets for you, at all times, at low cost.

If you are looking to bolster your portfolio value, address white space, and gain access to new markets and opportunities fast, click here.


Attract, nurture, and invest in the best early-stage businesses that solve your unique challenges. The Accelerate Programme enables you to enhance your portfolio value, drive cultural change and demonstrate your commitment to innovation by running an in-depth mentorship programme for early-stage startups, relevant to your industry. This culminates in a showcase for you to pick the winners for potential investment.

Do you have medium term disruption opportunities that need addressing? Click here.

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