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Accelerating Open Innovation

We transform big companies and their teams, by helping them to innovate quickly and efficiently, connecting up the technology, talent and ideas to solve their biggest business challenges fast, and teaching them to become more entrepreneurial.


We make innovation happen. Fast.


Successful innovation is about planning, people and tools, and we provide innovation strategy, methodologies and training to help instill a culture of entrepreneurial innovation within your organisation.


Our unique range of challenge led accelerator programmes enable you to take new, game-changing innovations to trial market in a twelve week process which will keep you ahead of your competition.


We provide access to a carefully curated marketplace and network of 4,000+ tech start-ups, enabling you to find new companies with the people and technology that will solve your crucial challenges.

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What We Do

Open Innovation Programmes

Our industry leading Open Innovation Programmes help large companies to solve their challenges, and develop new products and services through collaborating with early stage innovative tech companies. It’s a proven low cost and low risk model that gets tech to trial market fast. Our model works at scale with the biggest brands in every sector.


We offer a unique range of investment led accelerators for corporates, cities, or governments. For corporates, these allow you to invest in and accelerate the growth of a portfolio of technologies within specific sectors and industry verticals. If you are a city or government, it will allow you to develop and build startup ecosystems within a specific geographic area, attracting talent, startups, and inward investment.

Innovation Labs & Rapid Prototyping

We setup and run labs with you, to rapid prototype new products and services using agile development techniques, with a customer centred design and testing process. Our 5 day sprint code-spikes will quickly unpack your problem, and present you with a range of prototyped solutions, tested with real customers.

Innovation Strategy & Transformation

Our process helps you develop a comprehensive strategic plan and roadmap for innovation within your organisation – identifying the problems, challenges and new opportunities that will enable innovation to transform your business.


Our day-long training courses will show you and your teams how to innovate like an entrepreneur, and unlock innovation within your company. Get in touch to find out the next course, or if you’d like us to run one within your organisation.


We have an extensive international network of the world’s best technology companies, which is regularly updated and curated.. We are connected to the world’s most significant startup hubs, investors, accelerators, and entrepreneurs all over the world, enabling us to find new and emerging technologies when you need them.

Innovation Marketplace

Our online innovation marketplace gives you to access to our network, tools and processes and allows you to answer briefs and challenges fast.


  • Develop your innovation strategy
  • Develop new products and services and quickly solve your biggest challenges
  • Collaborate with the world’s best tech companies
  • Create a more entrepreneurial culture
  • Run investment led accelerators


  • Deliver innovation programmes, training and tools to your clients
  • Enable your clients to develop new products and services
  • Collaborate with the world’s best tech companies
  • Offer training, tools and programmes
  • Create a more entrepreneurial culture


  • Meet the world’s biggest brands
  • Accelerate your sales
  • Revolutionise your commercial model
  • Make yourself more investable

Cities & Governments

  • Run accelerator programmes
  • Build a startup ecosystem
  • Encourage corporate involvement and inward investment

We work across all sectors and technology areas



Consumer Good (FMCG)

Education, public sector and charities

Financial services

Food and drink

Government and Cities

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Professional Services

Publishing, Media & Entertainment



Travel & Leisure

Technology areas


Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality


Big Data

Shopper Marketing


Marketing tech

Virtual Reality


The Bakery does all the heavy lifting for us.

– Jeremy Basset, Head of Unilever Foundry

The Bakery is an amazing programme. If you’re thinking of innovating in your company, don’t wait for another person to do it, don’t wait for another moment to do it. Get involved with The Bakery guys and they will sort you out.

– Gaele Lalahy, Head of Digital, Panasonic

I think it’s a cracking idea and I want to get agencies involved to help them innovate, to help them to adapt, to help them to experiment.

– Ian Priest, IPA President


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