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We excel in executing projects seamlessly, working closely with your team. Our approach involves crafting clear plans to ensure the success of your portfolio. We align these plans with your company's core purpose, all while cultivating a culture that encourages constant experimentation and innovation.

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Execution without strategy fields incorrect results, and strategy without execution fails to deliver results.

Our solutions seamlessly blend the best of both worlds to assist your company in bridging the gap between your innovation strategy and the ability to put it into action.

Innovation Strategy

Your corporation may not have any innovation strategy in place, or you may already have something established that isn't yielding the desired results for your company. We can assist you in both scenarios. We evaluate and enhance your existing innovation strategy, and if your company lacks a strategy, we guide you in creating one from scratch.

Efficient Execution

Here at The Bakery, we provide a practical approach to innovation execution. We seamlessly integrate with your corporation's team to carry out projects until your team is fully prepared, trained, and equipped to handle everything independently.

Strategic Management

We craft a clear plan that guides the creation and management of a successful portfolio. This encompasses a tailored framework with the right vehicles and programs for tangible results. We ensure that all ideas are aligned with the company's purpose and generate a real impact on the business.

Innovation Culture

We foster an environment and culture that encourage experimentation, creativity, and continuous innovation. We facilitate the development, testing, and implementation of new ideas, technologies, and business models through structures and platforms designed specifically for this purpose.


Startups identified for key challenges and areas of interest for Vale


Business challenges addressed through the innovation program


New startups in creation (CVB)

Restructuring the innovation strategy

With the aim of restructuring a portion of Vale's innovation strategy and engagement with the ecosystem, we established Vale Futures, a corporate innovation program designed to address Vale's most significant challenges, scale innovation, attract talent, and prioritize efforts.

Currently, Vale Futures operates numerous concurrent projects in digital transformation and open innovation in areas such as health and safety, decarbonization, and circular economy.

Open Innovation


We establish strategic partnerships aligned with your corporation's needs, create customized programs to address specific challenges, and provide reports and trend mapping to inspire innovation within your team.

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Connection with the startup ecosystem, acceleration programs, trend mapping, and other innovative initiatives.

Our open innovation projects have the potential to broaden your corporation's innovation sources, instigating a shift in mindset from "outside to inside". This transformation is achieved through partnerships that generate fresh ideas to tackle challenges and uncover new business opportunities.

Startup Ecosystem

We connect your company to a global startup ecosystem. With a presence in various sectors worldwide, our network is an endless source of ideas and solutions that can accelerate innovation, deliver agile results, and transform your corporation's culture.

Strategic Partnerships

We map, prioritize, and address specific challenges faced by corporations by establishing partnerships with entities aligned with the organization's needs. We deliver proven results in the short term, offering scalable and easily implementable solutions.

Customized Programs

At The Bakery, your company has access to hands-on consultancy that delves deeply into your organization's challenges, offering a multitude of personalized solutions. Our programs are uniquely adapted to meet the specific needs of each corporation.

Reports and Trend Mapping

We encourage your organization to embrace new ideas and approaches through detailed industry trend reports, inspirational sessions to unlock your team's innovative mindset, and result-focused mentorship.

Corporate Venture Building


We create fully customized businesses from scratch, aligning them with the specific needs of our clients. From the initial concept to the launch phase, our team offers guidance, strategic support, and access to a valuable network of contacts.

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We initiate startups from scratch and delve into fresh market opportunities for your corporation.

Corporate Venture Building (CVB) is an innovation strategy in which companies establish startups or innovative projects tailored to meet their strategic needs, aiming to drive innovation and growth.

Establishment of New Enterprises

At The Bakery, we specialize in creating bespoke companies that are designed to meet the unique requirements of the companies we serve. Our team is fully committed to every step of the process, from the initial concept to the launch, offering expert guidance, strategic support, and access to a valuable network of contacts.

New Opportunities Radar

We offer fresh business or service opportunities with validated hypotheses. We provide initial information to assess risks and returns, and subsequently, we create the new company in accordance with the company's preferences.

Corporate Venture Building


We assist your corporation in identifying the best investment opportunities. We oversee the entire process, from crafting the strategy to assembling the team. We manage your portfolio, seeking out companies that align with your vision and conducting skilled negotiations.

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We expand the horizons of investment and strategic partnerships for your corporation.

Through Corporate Venture Capital (CVC), companies have the opportunity to invest resources in emerging startups. This not only serves as an additional revenue diversification strategy but also positions the company as an innovator by investing in new technologies and services.

Establishment of the Investment Vehicle

We establish the investment vehicle, outline the strategy, and build a dedicated team to execute the plan. We maintain ongoing management of the investment vehicle, actively seeking out companies that align with the company's strategy. We lead negotiations and agreements and closely monitor the performance of the invested companies.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We offer guidance and advisory support to companies throughout the merger and acquisition process of new businesses. Our expertise covers company valuation, negotiations, business structures, and exit strategies.

Investment Radar

Our Investment Radar approach seeks opportunities in startups that align with your investment thesis. We identify investment challenges and opportunities, scout entrepreneurial talent worldwide, pinpoint and activate opportunities, apply our investment thesis, and prepare startups for investment.

Partnership with Pipe Ventures

We maintain a strategic partnership with Pipe Ventures, which plays a pivotal role in structuring and managing the financial aspects of funds and investments. This partnership enhances our ability to provide robust and effective solutions for your company.

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